Mini Cricket was launched in South Africa during the 1982-83 cricket season to encourage the growth and development of cricket amongst boys under 9 and girls up to under 13 years of age. Mini Cricket gives all young children the opportunity of being exposed to the game of cricket.

The concept of Mini Cricket, has been received with tremendous enthusiasm by schools, teachers, parents and most importantly, by children.

The keywords in Mini Cricket are participation and enjoyment. It provides a medium where children can be coached while taking part in a modified game of cricket.

In its basic form, Mini Cricket consists of fast, scaled down games with eight children per team. Games last approximately one hour and one coach can supervise and instruct up to sixteen children simultaneously.

Among the many advantages of Mini Cricket is the low cost involved. The game can be played on any reasonable level surface and no pitch preparation or maintenance is involved. Mini Cricket eliminates boredom and distraction often encountered at net practice among young children and the use of specially formulated softball eliminates the fear of facing a hard ball and does away with the need for protective equipment.


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